About Sandra

Sandra Jansen

As a two term MLA, former Cabinet Minister and a nationally known journalist and broadcaster, Sandra Jansen has spent her life fighting for fairness and equality in Alberta.

As a single mother (Sandra lives in north west Calgary with her teenage daughter), Sandra has a unique perspective on what families require from our government. From standing up to protect students to fighting for better access to health care to representing her constituents in the Legislative Assembly, Sandra has always put public service and effective advocacy first.

Before being elected to the Legislature as the MLA for Calgary-North West in 2012, Sandra spent 23 years as a journalist and broadcaster, including 10 years at the national level. Her career took her from radio and local television to the national news desk for CTV News Channel. Sandra’s career started at a radio station in BC then on to CHAT TV in Medicine Hat and Channel 2&7 in Calgary. After a successful run at CTV News Channel in Toronto, Sandra returned to Calgary in 2007 to pursue her Masters degree, and anchor CityTV six o'clock News.

Sandra’s history in the PC Party goes back to 1985, when she joined Ron Ghitter's leadership team as his assistant press liaison. In that historic campaign to choose a successor to the legendary Peter Lougheed, Sandra got her first taste of dedication, strength and passion of the PC Party membership. In that 1985 Leadership Convention, Sandra served as one of the youth delegates for Calgary-North West. That experience was foundation to Sandra's belief that advocacy and supporter for youth in politics is critical to the success of any political party.

After working on a leadership campaign in 2011, Sandra became the Southern Alberta Communications Manager in the Premiers Office. She resigned that position to run for the Calgary-North West Nomination in 2012. Sandra went on to hold the seat for the Progressive Conservatives with one of the highest vote totals for a PC Candidate in that election. In 2015, despite the backlash against the PC Government, Sandra was one of only ten PCs elected, and one of only two women re-elected in the province. During her first term, Sandra's responsibilities and accomplishments included:

  • Associate Minister of Family and Community Safety: Sandra worked to tackle sexual violence and exploitation, domestic violence, human trafficking, cyberbullying and LGBTQ issues. She also worked to release the province's first domestic violence framework and hosted the first round table for sexual violence support providers along with noted advocate Sheldon Kennedy.
  • Chair of Calgary Caucus: Sandra chaired the meetings of the Calgary government MLA’s, Gathering stakeholders and listening to their concerns on provincial issues.
  • Sponsoring Bill 21: Bringing in essential changes to the province's environmental monitoring programs.
  • Sponsoring Bill 10: Mandated that Gay Straight Alliances in all Alberta schools where requested.

Despite the huge change in the political landscape after the 2015 election, Sandra rolled up her sleeves, and started working on making the PC party the most effective opposition party in the Legislature. Sandra’s advocacy and passion has already shown significant results including:

  • Putting significant pressure on the NDP Government to drop the Supports Intensity Scale for persons with disabilities.
  • Introducing an oversight amendment to the NDP's controversial Bill 20 in an attempt to introduce some sober second thought on the policies potential impact on Albertans.
  • Sitting on the Select Special Ethics and Accountability Committee determining the future framework for elections financing and electoral reform.

Sandra has always believed in the importance of community engagement. Outside of the Legislature, Sandra still finds time to give back to the community and the province. She sits on the Calgary Council on Homelessness which is conducting a systems overview on homeless supports in Alberta. Sandra has volunteered her time to assist the United Way, Calgary Health Trust and Ronald McDonald House (to name only a few!). As an accomplished artist, Sandra has also donated over 50 paintings to various charities and causes around Alberta.