First question everyone asks me is “Sandra, why are you running?” The simple answer is because I want the vision of Alberta to be inclusive, fiscally responsible and prepare our population for the future.

What does that mean? It starts with fairness. For years I have worked to ensure all those who are at risk are treated fairly, be they persons with developmental disabilities or youth in our school systems.

But fairness extends beyond social issues. When governments run deficits, they unfairly burden future generations. We must return to balanced budgets as quickly as possible and our current government is unwilling or unable to do so.

The world is changing and our economy is changing too. We must be prepared for the future. We need to act to protect the investments made by Albertans in our industries. We need leadership that will get the best possible return on investment from the energy industry for investors, for those who work in the industry and all Albertans.

We do this knowing, that while it may take decades, a young Albertan born this decade could see oil and gas replaced as our primary industry. Preparing our next generations for every possibility is a priority.

There are many other key issues: health care, education, infrastructure, etc. Over the coming months I look forward to hearing from PC members and articulating my own ideas for the direction of the province on these key issues.