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Sandra is campaigning on building a more inclusive Alberta and a Progressive Conservative party where the Leadership is accountable to the membership. To do this we need the help of people like you.

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The Progressive Conservative Party is holding a delegated convention to select its new leader. 15 delegate from each constituency will be elected from each of the 87 Constituencies in Alberta. By purchasing a membership, you will be able to vote for and run to be a delegate for the leadership convention. You can purchase your PC membership here:

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In order to run for the leadership of the PC Party, we will need 100 from each region of the province North, Edmonton, Central, Calgary and South. Download the form for you and your fellow members to sign. Don't forget to send the forms back to us at

Join Team Sandra

To elect Sandra as the next leader of the Progressive Conservatives we need people like you! Sandra is running a campaign that will be reaching out to every single person in the province and to achieve this, we will need as many people as possible to help. If you’d like to be part of a dynamic and growing team please sign up, or get in touch with us at


Campaigns cost time and money. We are committed to running a campaign will be fiscal responsible while also working to stay in touch with as many people as possible. Every contribution that we receive will be used to help us communicate with Albertans.

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