Protecting and Building Industry in a Carbon Price Economy

Protecting and Building Industry in a Carbon Price Economy

Protecting and Building Industry in a Carbon Price Economy

Will there be a price on Carbon?

Yes. There will be a Price on Carbon. The people of Canada elected a government that has chosen a policy of carbon pricing.

That is a fact.

Other leadership candidates may try to fight carbon pricing and deny climate change or perhaps even worse, fight carbon pricing and accept climate change. But not my campaign. My campaign will be built on realism.

The federal government will be introducing a price on carbon.

While we may not support what the federal government is doing, this is the outcome that they have decided on. Instead of bombastic promises to “scrap the tax” the real question that we should be hearing from our leadership candidates is: what can Alberta do to protect our industries, build our economy and create jobs for Albertans?

Natural Gas Before Renewables

First, as announced when I launched my candidacy for the PCAA leadership, we will encourage investment in natural gas electricity generation through co-generation and primary power creation such as Enmax’s Sheppard Energy Centre, District Energy Centre and Capital Power’s Genesee 4 & 5 plants.

By making this change, not only will it cost less to move to natural gas, Alberta will actually see an increase in natural gas royalty revenues of $40 to $120 million dollars.

Smart economic policies result in good economic outcomes.

In addition, natural gas is inexpensive and produces less than half the carbon of coal power generation. Alberta will build on our reputation as leaders in the natural gas industry world wide.

Investment in Alberta Industry, Knowledge and Jobs

The second key element to my carbon price model is to invest the proceeds from the Trudeau carbon tax in jobs and the economy.

Alberta will reinvest in our economy. We will work with our oilsands industry and invest in carbon emission reduction technology. We will invest in Co-generation of electricity. We will invest in industries that provide jobs.

Further, we will invest in knowledge. Alberta will become the centre of carbon reduction knowledge. As other economies race to take carbon emission reduction, they will come to Alberta to find knowledge created by the price of carbon. This investment will take the form of increased post secondary post-graduate research. Net new knowledge is expensive to create, but it produces significant returns.

Revenue Neutral

Any and all revenues received via the carbon tax must be returned to the people of Alberta.

The Notley government is trying to create a new social structure and bureaucracy to return the proceeds of the carbon tax to Albertans. I will not have the government create new bureaucracy to return the proceeds.

Instead, I will create new income tax deductions for low income Albertans that will result in tax refunds instead of expensive quarterly cheques.

For Albertans on AISH and other income supports, their monthly payments will be marginally increased to allow them to afford the carbon tax they will incur.

No new bureaucracy. No expensive programs. Simply revenue neutral ideas that save Albertans money.